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My Very Own Space Heater

Remember the Cherise who was ALWAYS cold?  Known to wear gloves and a hat when it got below 70 degrees?  Well, that is a thing of the past.  I now have my very own Space Heater.  Yup.  I don’t know how anyone pregnant is surviving in Arizona right now.  I’m way overheated when it’s in the 70s, and need fans and A/C on a day like today where it hit 85.  One day a few weeks back, I was so hot I went to Bed Bath and Beyond straight after work and bought a fan that I lugged home on the bus, just so I’d be able to sleep through the night!  Now I finally understand the perspective of those people who don’t need 5 layers to keep warm in winter.  Wow.

What a difference 10 years makes…

On my other blog, I spent some time contemplating the wonderous world of and how far they’ve come in 10 years. Then I realized that I’ve come pretty far in 10 years myself. So, I started doing some comparisons of 1995 Sandy vs. 2005 Sandy and how the world of impending fatherhood has changed things a little. I thought I’d share some of these revelations:

1995: Staring at all the cute babes at the mall
2005: Staring at all the cute babies at the mall
1995: CompUSA
2005: Babies R Us
1995: Snoop Dogg CDs
2005: Snoopy Dog Diaper Bags
1995: Steve McNair Jersey size XL
2005: Steve McNair Jersey size XS (yes, she’s a girl–I don’t care)
1995: Biggest financial concern: paying off my tuition to Cornell (student loans)
2005: Biggest financial concern: paying off Iris’ tuition to Cornell
1995: Dreams of being rich and famous
2005: Dreams of being half the father my dad was (oh yeah, maybe rich and famous if there’s time)
1995: They should make the drinking age 18
2005: They should make the drinking age 25
So as you can tell, I’ve undergone quite the transformation.  Not really sure what 2015 brings, but as long as "Bidding on U2 tickets on eBay" isn’t replaced by "Bidding on Britney Spears tickets on eBay", I think I am cool with whatever is ahead.


3rd Trimester

I can’t believe we’re already in the 27th week! I’m finally at the point where even strangers can tell that I’m pregnant. (yeah, I was at that in-between time for quite awhile… where people aren’t sure if it’s a fetus or just an O.D. on Haagen Dazs.) So, I can at last cash in the preggo benefits, like 1st dibs in line for the bathroom.
3rd trimester also means Iris is getting more active every day. She rolls and swims around, and every so often now gives me a strong whap just to make sure I know she’s there. (although she doesn’t move much for daddy yet – right now his voice seems to calm her, as hopefully it will do after she’s born too)
We’re feeling good, going to prenatal yoga and trying to walk or bike around the lake. (Iris doesn’t really like running, and I think I’ve grown out of my wetsuit for swimming in Lake Washington) So far so good!

Picking Doulas

The travails of the expectant father continue (oh, how you must pity us expectant fathers).  Last week, we began the process of interviewing "Doulas".  Now, personally, the only Doula I knew before last month was my cousin on the east coast–and they didn’t even get the spelling right!  Little did I know that this world exists where these women (I haven’t run across any male doulas) work with the parents leading up to the birth and then actually take part in the birthing process.  They’re not exactly midwifes, but they do assist in the coaching.  In other words, during those moments when I am a deer in the headlights (not if, when), Cherise will still have someone helping and coaching.  Given it’s our first kid and it’s all still new to us, we liked the idea of having someone there with some experience.  They’re not there to second guess the doctors (Doulas know their role and it is not the medical professional), but to provide a little extra encouragement and help us comprehend what we are going through each step of the way.  We’re taking a class, so I am sure we’ll have some knowledge.  However, after 8 years of postsecondary education, I have taken too many classes and the stress may lead to a confusing recollection:
Doctor:  Sandy, your wife’s water just broke!
Sandy:   The federal funds rate is the rate banks charge on overnight loans to one another!
Of course, picking a doula is not quite like picking a plumber (out of respect for my wife, I’ll refrain from the jokes on this one).  There was an actual interviewing stage.  We interviewed three women, all very talented and all enamored with the miracle of birth.  They had been to anywhere from a dozen to over a hundred births. Of course, interviewing doulas is a little different than interviewing at Microsoft.  You can’t really ask a Doula "why are manhole covers round?" or "how do you write a linked list in C#?".  But we did manage a bunch of questions to make sure none of them thought there was only one way to have a baby or that they were more capable than the doctor (that’s all we need–a doctor and doula arguing as Iris is ready to make her debut).
Anyway, the interviews were fun.  These women were so positive about childbirth and the life-enriching experience it could be.  What was nice is that they all actually bothered spending some of the time talking directly to me.  I feared these interviews would be like when Cherise and I were shopping for wedding rings several years back and some of the jewelers didn’t even notice I was there.  They recognized me as part of the process and knew that I had questions, concerns, and general ideas about how I was hoping things would go.  Or maybe they just realized that the husband needs to be humored (Cherise figured that out many years ago).  Either way, I liked them all.  They were each very comforting and knowledgeable.  It’s been a week and we are still deliberating.  I suppose we’re protective of this moment and the people we let be a part of it, so it’s not something we’re taking lightly. But given how great each of them were, I think we’re in good hands no matter what.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about whoever we pick as the weeks go on.

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