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Bollywood comes to Seattle

I am proud to be of Indian descent.  Whether it is the rich culture, the story of Mahatma Gandhi, or the recent tech boom, there are many aspects of India that I appreciate.  But there is one thing that drives me nuts.  Oh yes, I believe it may be what separates India from reaching it’s potential.  What is this scourge of which is I speak?  One word.  Bollywood.
That’s right, India’s prolific cinema scene (Bombay + Hollywood = Bollywood) has managed to drive me nuts for years.  It started with the movies my mom watched on Saturday mornings when I was a child.  What was the appeal?  These people lived ridiculous existences.  So many people see these movies and think "wow, that’s what Indian people are like".  Ugh.  Stop It!  I feel like I need to go to everyone who has seen the movies and explain:  No, Indian people do not dance around and sing spontaneously with goofy grins on their faces!
Well, maybe we do if we’ve got a kid in tow.
My childcare has turned into one ongoing Bollywood movie.  You see, I hear it is good to talk to a baby.  Cherise is great at talking to Iris, but it’s hard for me to have a conversation with someone who’s response usually consists of sloppy drooling (now I know what Cherise goes through when she tries to talk to me early in the morning).  I do have a trick where I will take Iris as I am talking to my dad on the bluetooth headset–Iris thinks I am talking to her instead of her grandfather and she usually falls asleep (yes, the girl passes out from boredom when she hears me speak–reminds me of my days being single).  But other than talking to my dad, I don’t get much phone time.  So I need to resort to other measures.  Truth be told, I find it easier to sing than go with a soliloquoy. 
While Coldplay is still the preferred bedtime selection, I’ve really started extending my repertoire (I think she is starting to get into Audioslave!).  It’s even more fun when the songs seem to apply (including the Dave Matthews lyric "Baby it’s alright.  Stop your crying"–that has been on cue on many occasions).  And when Iris is getting fussy, I will get up and dance as I sing.  It wasn’t until I strutted past a mirror that I realized that I looked like one of those ridiculous Bollwood movies, complete with goofy grin.  Hmm.  Perhaps there’s a career in showbiz for me yet.  Book me two tickets to Bombay.  Iris and I have a casting call for "Three Indian Men and a Baby"…


Our little girl is growing up!  While my mom was in town this week, we both witnessed a milestone: Iris said her first word, and it was “mama”.  Wow!  Tears and laughter ensued as Iris wondered what the heck all the hubbub was about.  She’s just starting to try out consonant sounds, so I’m sure she had no idea what it meant to put those together in that order, but it was still amazing.  Just a week ago I was thinking about how around 6 months is when they should be babbling with consonant sounds, and Iris hadn’t uttered more than a few uhs and ahs.  How is it that her body suddenly told her that it was time?  Infant brain development is mind boggling.  Oh, and yes, “Dada” was very jealous.
Anyway, her grandma Mary Kay enjoyed a weeklong visit, as is becoming the bi-monthly tradition.  Iris started the week by screaming at full volume at her grandma (she was so loud, we think grandpa Bob might have heard her down in Sacramento), exhausting her and causing mommy to stay nearby rather than run off to yoga.  Then on Tuesday Iris went to her 2nd waterbabies class, and I was excited that grandma would be there to document it on camera.  Last week Iris had her 1st swim class and loved it, so this would be an idyllic photo moment, right?  Silly me–anyone with kids knows that you can’t plan perfect moments.  This time Iris decided she was really hungry and would rather eat than swim for most of the ½ hour class.  Were those other babies really already backfloating?  We’re not quite ready for this advanced class!  But we’ll hung out in the water and watched anyway.  We won’t book tickets to the 2028 Olympics just yet…
Iris is also so huge now that we had to install the next size car seat.  Yup, she was busting out of the straps of the old seat.  Sandy thinks it is cool because she is like a little Incredible Hulk (without the green).  So we also now have a nifty red sporty stroller, since the old stroller was just the car seat strapped on to a metal frame.  We’re ready to zoom around Greenlake now.  Plus, with a speedy red vehicle and a cute young lady to drive around in it, Sandy won’t need to have a mid-life crisis. 
And, finally, “mama” has gotten back on her bike.  While my mom was here and getting Iris to sleep in her stroller, I took the sudden opportunity to pump up the tires and hop on for a ride around the lake.  I was back even before Iris woke up (I love those long naps)!  Aah.  It was exhilarating to speed down the hill, wind on my face and heart racing, especially when the fastest I’ve moved in a long time is jogging behind Iris’ stroller.

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