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Five Years. One Best Friend.

To make the grand understatement, adding Iris to our lives has been a transformational experience.  But for as much as I love my daughter, I am more amazed by how these last eight months have given me an even greater appreciation for what an amazing woman Cherise is.  From an inspirational childbirth to the pure devotion she shows Iris on a daily basis, I am continually reminded of strength of this woman.  Plus, I’d be useless as a father without her help.  How parents with contentious relationships manage to raise a child is beyond me.  It may look like we’re two people and Iris is one, but let’s be clear:  that kid has us outnumbered. But Cherise has always been my partner in every sense of the word and nowhere moreso than with Iris.  We keep each other laughing through the good and the bad and keep each othe sane during the ugly.  We’re not always like a well-oiled machine (ask Cherise whether I think Iris has ever looked like a catcher), but it’s always fun and there isn’t a day that goes by that my love of Cherise doesn’t grow.
Well, today is the fifth anniversary of the day Cherise and I were married.  It’s amazing to think that it has been that long since there’s a lot of our relationship that still feels honeymoonish.  Marriage is a great thing when you’ve got the right partner.  As Dave Matthews once said, "turns out it’s not where, but who you’re with that really matters." She still makes me crack up.  She still listens patiently when I share my goofy thoughts.  She still encourages my ambition and supports me at every turn.  I do have a confession–there are days when I go to our old wedding website (which I added a little update to for the occasion) just to re-read our vows.  Alas, I was younger and more idealistic and so in love on that day, so it’s always fun to relive those moments.  And yet  if I was asked to write my vows again today, I’d probably come up with the same exact thing as nothing about her has diminished in my eyes.  Actually, that’s not true–I’d come up with so much more.  But one thing would stay the same–she still is my very best friend. 

My Monica Seles Alarm Clock

I think the one thing I knew would be lost on my weekends as a parent was the concept of sleeping in.  Back in the old days when we were sans kiddo, I would often work late into the night on weekdays, borrowing sleep time which I would make up for on the weekends. It wasn’t the healthiest thing to do, but it was a system and it worked as much as it needed to.  Those were the days…

Nowadays, Iris is often up by 7am if not sooner.  Cherise, in an effort for me to catch up on rest, will let me sleep in while she entertains Iris for a bit (she takes the 1am-6am shift too–yes, this woman is my savior).  But Cherise will eventually get tired and start "distributing the work".  Oftentimes, that means sitting Iris in the bed between us with one of her favorite toys (usually her rubber ducky or her empty Kleenex box) while we both try to sneak in some extra sleep. Of course, Iris can’t really do anything silently.  Everything requires an audible grunt (and by audible, I mean audible to the good people of Tacoma).  She reminds me of the 90s Women’s Tennis star Monica Seles, who grunted after every serve, stroke, and volley.  SNL used to do a skit about Seles’ home life where she would be asked to do things like pass the gravy and would do it with this violent grunt. I think we may be headed down that path with Iris. 

Still, I can almost sleep through the grunts.  What I can’t sleep through is when Iris tires of her ducky and Kleenex box and decides to go after Dad’s face.  You wouldn’t know this from meeting me, but apparently my face is more fun that a ball of Silly Putty.  I’ve often told Cherise about my childhood trauma resulting from the multitude of Indian aunts who grabbed my nose and said "Fasa Naka" (flat nose).  My nose may have been flat, but that hurt like hell.  Well, Iris thinks her dad has a "Fasa Naka" as well.  The only thing that can distract her from my nose is when I wear glasses on the weekend.  Apparently, Iris thinks her dad is better looking without glasses and takes matters into her own cute little hands.  She’ll grab the glasses off and usually smack me with them as well.  It’s almost gotten routine.  The other day while coming home on the bus, I slipped as I sat down and hit my face softly against the pole near the seat.  The old Sandy might’ve thought "ow, that hurt".  My thoughts?  "Gee, I can’t wait to see Iris".  While I fear for her social skills in general (not to mention my own personal well-being), I am actually excited about how she is going to handle boys.  I guess I can put away the shotgun for a little while longer…

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