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Our Little Comedienne

There are moments that every father will remember forever. For example, take the time on a Sunday afternoon in June when my adorable 20-month old daughter walked up to me while I was working on my computer, handed me a card, and said "Happy Daddy Day". My heart absolutely melted.

Of course it was the week after Father’s Day, after she refused to say it on the actual day.

And the card was an anniversary card from Cherise, also from the week before.

And from her cackling laughter after she did this, I am convinced she was completely aware of both facts

Yes, our little Iris is developing into quite the performer. There has been a rapid evolution of humor in the Khaund household. When Iris was born, Cherise and I focused on entertaining one another just to maintain sanity. When Iris was a little older, she’d effectively be a prop for us humoring one another (that may sound cruel, but we were on four hours of sleep a night–I think that was worth dancing my daughter around like a puppet for my wife’s amusement).  Once she became responsive, we’d focus on cracking her up to keep her calm and happy. Eventually, she’d inadvertently start doing things that crack us up. Now, she a regular comedienne with a much greater awareness of what she is doing and the reaction she’ll draw. I’ve got some serious competition in who can make Cherise laugh more. This kid is brilliant. Here’s a couple of examples:

  • Iris has learned that Daddy loves baseball. We don’t let Iris watch TV and the only time we watch is when I want to catch a baseball game. Any time the TV cabinet opens, before I even turn on the TV, Iris says "Daddy Baseball!" I particularly enjoy when she describes my favorite team ("OH-WEE-OHs"). The other day, we were feeding Iris and she kept pointing to her food and demanding more. We kept reminding her to say "please" and thank you. At one point, she says "Daddy Chicken. Daddy Chicken". I asked "What’s the magic word?" Iris replied "Baseball!" Yes, Iris knows Daddy’s magic word.
  • Any time there is something big and small, Iris will point it out. I suppose that’s standard for any kid, but how many act it out? For example, we’ll have our feet next to each other and mine are obviously MUCH bigger than hers. Iris will point at my foot and say "Big foot" in a deep growly voice and then point to her own foot and, in a squeaky voice, say "Tiny foot". Last week, she did that with our respective rear ends. I’ve never been so entertained in being told I had a big butt.
  • Iris loves to mimic us, especially Cherise. For example, when Cherise asked me a question while I was upstairs, she sweetly addressed me by saying "Hey Hon". Guess who was saying "Hey Hon" for the next week. The more we’d laugh, the more she’d do it. She has no problem pandering to the crowd.

Cherise and I have been married for six years and I’d characterize it as being a marriage filled with a lot of laughter because neither of us take ourselves very seriously. But I don’t know if I can remember ever laughing this much in my life. As Iris learns and grows every day, I get really excited about the future. Once she’s old enough, dad will introduce her to the "Odd Couple" and "Cheers" DVDs to make sure our senses of humor are aligned. I am guessing Cherise won’t let me go the South Park route for a while…

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