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Congratulations, it's a…MoRK!

It’s hard to get used to the idea of kiddo #2 on the way. After the baby arrives, we’ll only be 0.4 kids away from being the average American family (though Iris shows few signs of being the average two-year old girl).  Not surprisingly, a second pregnancy doesn’t quite feel like the first. Where "KIK" (our nickname for Iris, which was an acronym for our two planned names "Khalil/Iris Khaund" before we knew she was a girl) was a mile-a-minute thrill ride, things are a little more sedate with "MoRK". There are days when I almost forget that Cherise is pregnant. Where we were very disciplined in taking weekly pictures with the first pregnancy, we keep forgetting this time around (SANDY: "oops, we didn’t take a picture yesterday". CHERISE: "oh yeah, we were supposed to do that, huh?" SANDY: "oh, well."). We’re still extremely excited and it’s still a thrill to imagine adding another person to our family, but last time, we didn’t know what to expect and we were learning the ropes. This time, we know the drill. It’s a little like watching the movie "The Usual Suspects" for the second time. The first time, you are on the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen next, trying to follow every twist and turn. The next time you see it, you are still interested and it’s still worth watching, but it’s not new and you’re thinking "oh yeah, I remember this–he’s Keyser Soze." Of course, with a pregnancy, no news is good news, so we’re not exactly complaining. Still, it’s funny to look back at the first pregnancy and think of how Iris dominated our life and now with this pregnancy, well, Iris STILL dominates things.
Yet there is one guarantee of unique suspense that is about to be unveiled this Thursday. We will find out whether "MoRK" is a girl or a boy. Some people don’t understand why we’d want to find out and I guess I understand that excitement of the surprise at birth, but it always feel more real when we know more and more about the child and gender is a big one. Iris has told us she wants a little sister. While Cherise has stayed neutral, I think I’d like her to have a little brother so that we can have one of each. That said, having seen some two-girl families, I’m in heaven with the thought of daddy’s little girls. My relationship with Iris is so affectionate that it’s fun to think of it in stereo. In retrospect, I think I’m pretty relieved we didn’t have two boys–I still don’t know how my parents did it and I finally understand why my mom was hoping I’d be a girl (sorry Mom!).
And for those of you guessing names based on the hint above, we haven’t locked on names, but the current choices do start with "M" and "R" (thus the "MoRK" moniker). And no, the "M" does not stand for "McLovin" (for some reason, Cherise didn’t go for that one). Once we know the gender, we will focus on giving him/her a name and the idea of two kids will definitely get more exciting. And we can stop calling him/her "MoRK" before Iris gets used to that name.

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