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Songs and Reading

Time is flying by, so here’s another quick update on the dynamic duo!
Robyn continues to be a super cuddly sweetheart. I’m down to nursing 2-3x per day, and have no idea how I’ll bring myself to cut her off. Those big brown eyes are so hard to say no to!
She’s still easygoing, singing songs to herself or playing alone when I’m busy with Iris. Her most requested bedtime songs now are “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and “Twinkle”.
As an almost 2yr old though, her emotions have gotten stronger and she occasionally has an outburst of tears, gasping for breath. An outsider looking in would wonder if she fell and was gravely hurt, when actually it could be something as small as us saying no when she wanted a crayon. She asserts herself well, and has lots of practice battling for toys with Iris. And though Robyn seems more dainty and gentle, it’s actually Iris that usually comes out with scars – including bite marks and scratches.
Robyn’s vocabulary has skyrocketed the past few months. Sometimes I forget she’s only 2 years old! Here are a few examples of things she says:

• Could you pull my sleeve down please? The other one too? Thank you!
• I want to wear my apple dress today. The one sister has too.
• I’m hungry! I’m scared!
• that Robyn, that daddy, that you! (pointing to people or animals in books we read together)
• Mom, it doesn’t work (the straw of her sippy cup)
• Can you get my backpack peas? It’s in my room.
• There’s a birdy up there. It’s looking at me.
• Holy mackeral! Oh man! Oh woman!
• I’m mad at you. (said in the same tone as Iris says it)
• Can you see dat? Dat train is just like dat train!
• Nanananana you can’t catch me!
• Do you see that flower? I got that flower at pat’s house. I did.
• Mama I need wipe for my toes. They got yuckies.
• I want to poop on my potty. (and she did! June 13)
• Hey ya know what? That’s my favorite song! (old macdonald was playing in the car)
• What’s that in my highchair? Oh, that’s cereal there in my highchair!
• I love you daddy, happy fathers day! I love you koka, happy fathers day!
• My bir-day is coming up soon!

This summer for Iris seems to be all about eagerly awaiting Kindergarten. She can’t wait to start! Her knowledge is growing in leaps and bounds. Iris has always loved numbers, but randomly surprises us with her depth of understanding. Here’s a recent conversation at Tata’s house:

Iris: Tata, what’s half of 10? (Robyn interjects – “I want to do it too!”)
Tata: “3”
Iris: “no, that’s less than half.”
Tata: “okay 7” • Iris: “no that’s more than half”
Tata: “okay 1”
Iris: “That’s a lot less than half, that’s the first number”
Me: “what is half of 10 then?”
Iris: “5 of course”

Daddy promised Iris she could watch Finding Nemo after she successfully learned 100 sight words. Well, the day before Father’s Day she achieved her goal, and here’s her reaction:

“Ya know why today is the best day EVER? Because it’s my day, and I did my words and get to watch Finding Nemo, and because we got our first tomatoes of the summer!”
It’s incredibly exciting to read with Iris, and she reads everything she sees – street signs, cereal boxes, etc. We use nighly chapter book reading as the reward for her being good. She eagerly listened to the first 4 Magic Treehouse books, Stuart Little, and the Trumpet of the Swan. Got any new suggestions for us?
Iris just started a summer camp across the street, and she had no problem at all transitioning to it. I’m amazed that this is the same girl who cried her first few days of preschool, and was the “girl who wouldn’t talk to other kids” for almost a year at preschool at age 3. She seems to have more and more energy each day, running and shouting and laughing, and talking excitedly about everything she did at camp. “Mommy, I ran all the way across a grassy field!! Want me to show you where? I’ll be the navigator.” Funny, I forget sometimes just how exciting little things like that can be. Good thing Iris and Robyn are here to remind me to stop and smell the flowers!

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