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Weaning Robyn

I can’t believe how fast the last 5 years have gone.  It seems like just a short time ago that I was learning how to first nurse Iris, and dealing with the pain and struggle involved.  I never thought I’d stick it out so long, and definitely not for 2 years each child.  But now I find myself on the other end, feeling very sentimental and in a way wishing it never had to end.  I really feel lucky that I had the support and good fortune to be able to breastfeed my babies.  There really is nothing like it.  How else can you calm, comfort, protect, and feed a baby with just one magic tool?  Once you’re in practice, there’s not even any accessories needed, nothing to purchase or warm up, just pure instant gratification.  Ahh… what will I do now?

As I watch Iris out in the “real world” of kindergarten, negotiating her way around other kids and personalities, I realize just how little I can control.  She’s got to decide whether to stand up for herself or not, speak up or be silent.  And I can’t always be there to kiss it better.

At the end of October I decided the best time to wean Robyn was when I left for 2 days for my college reunion.  While I was gone, Robyn did just fine without me.  But Sunday morning when she saw me, she begged for “side 2” (her word for nursing), “I NEEEED it mommmmeeeee!”  Oh, I felt so bad.  I really really wanted to give in.  I cried along with her and talked about how sad we both felt.  But if not now, when?

I told Iris about the difficult thing Robyn was going through, and she gave me the best words of wisdom.  “Mommy, I still want it too.  But I don’t ask for it because I know you’ll say no.”

Yes, that’s what I needed to do with Robyn.  Clearly and definitively say no, so she wouldn’t get confused and wonder when I really meant what I said.  Thank you Iris!  I’ve now officially weaned Robyn, and we all survived somehow.

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