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Iris Blessings

Iris’ 6th Birthday is today, so it seemed like a good time for some wishes for the girl that changed everything in my life. Here are my eight “Iris Blessings”…

May you always appreciate this time in your life having Mommy, Daddy, Tata, and Koka around so much and someday realize the sacrifices your parents made to make it possible.

May you always remember that you are entitled to nothing and someday recognize that you’ve still been given what so many others don’t have.

May you always aspire to do the unthinkable and someday connect it to the achievable (though if anyone can achieve the ballerina/astronaut/doctor trifecta, I got my money on you, kid).

May you always show compassion for those less fortunate than yourself and someday think of new and different ways to make a difference in the lives of those you’ll never meet.

May you always have patience with your father’s obsession with sports and someday manage to understand what makes baseball so compelling.

May you always enjoy the purpose your baby sister has brought to your life and someday feel rewarded by the impact you’ve had on hers.

May you always heed the words of Dave Matthews who once said “it’s not where, but who you’re with that really matters” and someday realize that Disneyland won’t hold a candle to the fun we have reading and telling stories in your room.

May you someday find someone who loves you as much as I love your mother, but always remember that no one will ever love you like your father.

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