Two Wonderful Girls. One Day At A Time…

Last month, I had just come back from a business trip on a Friday night. We planned a family dinner that night, so I went straight from the airport to the restaurant to meet Cherise and the girls. As I walked in, I immediately spotted Robyn’s white pom-pom on the top of her winter hat and electric smile underneath it. You could see her completely animated, telling some story and cracking herself up as she told it. All the emails, texts, and phone calls that I had been juggling right up to that point went into the recesses of my mind. For the next hour, we ate, told jokes, shared stories, and played games. All devices stayed in pockets.  They told me funny stories of things I missed when I was gone. I told them stories of weird people at the airport. On the way home, we played “The Trump Game” where we each did our imitations of Donald Trump based on an imaginary question and voted for the funniest response. Extra points were given for using the word Covfefe.

But before we went home, towards the end of the dinner, an older woman walked up to me with her husband, put her hand on my back, and said “Can I say how lovely it is to watch you and your family? The laughter coming from this table was absolutely wonderful. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Things aren’t always perfect with us. But for everything we could possibly be proud of as a family, I don’t think anything tops that compliment. The girls are overachievers and I am excited about what they’ll achieve on their own when their day comes, but I am most grateful that the time we spend together in the present is truly special…

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